7 Tom Grady


7 Artist Tom Grady Portrait by Scott Erb

7 Artist Tom Grady Portrait by Scott Erb



~ by Scott Erb of Erb / Dufault Photography on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “7 Tom Grady”

  1. TOM,

    What a lucky break on my part to come across so many more recent examples of your artistry. I love it when people in any field take the opportunity to Create and Express the Best that’s in them — and Create you do.

    Know that I’m really happy for your success, and I’ll always be proud to say “I knew you when…”

    Congratulations on the kind of talent that allows us all to see and feel the Inner You through your art — Tom as Creator — something not a whole lot of people ever decide to do with their lives (often aren’t even aware the option exists).

    All my past memories of you are happy ones, Tom. ON TO YOUR DESTINY!

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