Artist Statement


Worcester has talent.


Having lived in at least eight states (some several times) in my 38 years has allowed me an interesting viewpoint on people and the places they live. 


When it came time to move to Massachusetts to be with my girlfriend (now wife) I was excited and enticed by its history and location. I was ready to explore and be inspired. Now having lived here for a little over 10years, It seems I haven’t been let down. I’ve even been won over by the Red Sox phenomenon (yes, before they were champions).


However, when we decided to move to Worcester, I have to admit that I didn’t hear great things about it. Many people asked us why we’d move there and that “Worcester Sucks.” We moved here anyway. Having met many friends in the area who happen to be both (commercial) artists or photographers, I’ve found that many, if not most, are incredibly talented and also internationally collected. Some of these artists have work currently in shows all over the world, places like New York, Los Angeles, London, and Germany. Pretty impressive I must say, and yes, they are Worcester residents.


This book is a reaction to those people who say negative things about Worcester and the people who live in it. I don’t subscribe to that point of view and it’s my hope that this book will change those points of views and open the eyes of those who live in this area (and any others outside) to see the beauty and talent that lies within Worcester and surrounding communities.


The only thing wrong with Worcester is people saying there is something wrong with Worcester. Instead of complaining, find the things that you like about the people and the area and promote it. Whether it’s an artist, band, park, shop, restaurant, or venue. Tell everyone you know about it and sing its’ praises. Get people from out of town to come to those places or to see these people. Make it your business to promote the good things about the area you live in.


Worcester does have talent. I’ve found it and I’m promoting it.


Now, having said all that. I would like to share with everyone how great an experience creating this book has been for me. It was certainly a labor of love, probably because I love art and artists. Getting the chance to meet so many talented individuals was a dream come true. The artist’s personalities and nuances made every meeting a wonderful and eye opening experience. Each artist was incredibly welcoming, warm, and gracious. We heard wonderful stories, drank tea, and even had wonderful homemade cookies (thanks Agnes). We also lost a couple of artist we would have liked to have included in the book. Leon Nigrosh and Tom Lewis both passed away before we got the chance to include them. We remember them and their talents and both are memorialized in the book.


There are so many talented people in the area that we weren’t able to include and I feel that I could have made this a 50 Artists (or more) of Worcester book. In fact- I found that there are so many interesting people in the area (you know who you are), that I could do several books if I had the time and money to do so.


It is my sincere hope and wish that those who choose to enjoy this book, take a look at all the artists here and check out their websites, online galleries, and go to their openings. Support them and their talents. If you are truly moved by their work, buy it without hesitation.





Scott Erb  www.erbphoto.com

Scott Erb, Photographer

Scott Erb, Photographer


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