What do you get when you put 20+ talented people in one place?

An amazing turn out from the community! The Davis Art Gallery saw over 500 people the night of the show opening. With all 20 artists featured in the book turning up for the turn out, many were asked if they would be willing to sign their pages in the book. A lot folks tried to find all the artists in the crowd to get a complete set of signatures! Scott Erb was thrilled to see everyone mixing and mingling and enjoying the evening. The Davis Art Gallery folks were on their toes all night being amazing hosts and taking care of everyone. 

Overheard were mentions of the large article by Erik Radvon that appeared in WoMag the Thursday before the show. One woman who was new to Worcester, came out as a result of the article. Being totally impressed by the show and the crowd, she had Scott sign her book to her saying “Welcome to Worcester!” We were also pleased to see the local TV station there interviewing Wyatt Wade of Davis Publications and a few other attendees. Scott was greeted by Worcester’s Mayor, Connie Lukes, at a time where he had run out of books! He is feeling that a follow up visit to see her – with a book in hand – will be called for. On the scene we also saw Charlene Arsenault, who hosts the Weekly Worcester Shuffle on 91.3 FM, she had interviewed Scott about the book the Wednesday before the show. We were also grateful to Jillian D’Apollo of Pulse magazine for a interesting write up! In could go on and on – but the truth is the place was just full of local art supporters and art lovers and it was wonderful to be part of that.


Wyatt Wade, Julie Grady, Erika Davis Wade, Scott Erb, and Karl Cole

Wyatt Wade, Julie Grady, Erika Davis Wade, Scott Erb, and Karl Cole


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